Booking Conditions

General Conditions of Hire

The Hirer agrees to be present during the period of hire and to abide by the rules and stipulations set out in the Banwell Village Hall ‘Conditions of Hire’ as detailed in Annex A to this Hiring Agreement.  The Committee agrees to advise the Hirer in writing of any changes to the ‘Conditions of Hire’ coming into force prior to the period of hire and which may affect the Hirer.

It is explicitly understood that, in signing this Hiring Agreement, the Hirer has read, understood and accepted the rules and stipulation set out in the Banwell Village Hall ‘Conditions of Hire’ as annexed hereto, and agrees to comply with them fully.

It is explicitly understood that, in signing the Hiring Agreement, the Hirer has read, understood and accepts the detailed hiring conditions set out in this Hiring Agreement and agrees to comply with them fully.

Smoking: The Hirer shall, and shall ensure that the Hirer’s invitees comply with the prohibition of smoking in public places provisions of the Health Act 2006 and regulations made there under. Any person who breaches this provision shall be asked to leave the premises.

Banwell Village Hall - Conditions of Hire

The ‘Conditions of Hire’ detailed in this annex apply to all Hirers.  The term ‘Hirer’ shall be deemed to apply to an individual Hirer or, in the case of an Organisation, the Authorised Representative of that Organisation. 

The Hirer of the Hall is subject to completion of a Hiring Agreement in every case, and these conditions form part of the Hiring Agreement and are to be read in conjunction with it. 

The term ‘Hall’ and ‘Premises’ are deemed to include the Village Hall Building and the Village Hall Car Park.

The Hirer is responsible for complacence with these ‘Conditions of Hire’ at all times during the period of hire by all persons occupying the premises. 

The Hirer is legally responsible for breaches to the Hiring Agreement or ‘Conditions of Hire’ and is strongly advised to insure against any claim by the Hall Committee arising out of the hire.

1.    Use of the Premises:  The Hirer shall only use the Hall premises prescribed in the Hiring Agreement and only for the purposes prescribed therein.  The Hirer shall not sub-hired.  The Hirer shall not permit the premises to be used for any unlawful purposes.  The Hirer is to comply with all legal licensing, security, safety and insurance requirements.  The Hirer is to ensure no ‘fly posting’ or other form of unauthorised advertising is carried out for the hiring event at the Hall.

2.    Supervision:  The Hirer is responsible for the Hall’s fabric and contents, and the conduct, care and safety of all persons in the Hall.  A Minimum of two physically fit adults aged 18 years or over (three if more than 50% of the occupants are under 16 years of age) are to be on the premises at all times to offer general assistance and, specifically, to assume command and control in event of an emergency.

3.    Safety – Health – Hygiene:  Immediately prior to the commencement of the period of hire, the Hirer is to brief staff, members and guests (as applicable), on the safety procedures to be observed whilst in the Hall.  In particular, detailed Fire Safety Precautions are to be briefed, including the method of raising the Fire Alarm, the location and use of fire fighting equipment, the position and operation of emergency fire exits(including stage exits if applicable), and the Emergency Assembly Point outside the Hall.  The Hirer is to ensure that all Fire Exits are kept unlockedwith access routes clear of obstructions, at all times.  Designated Fire Doors are to be kept closed at all times.  The Hirer is to ensure that personal electrical equipment used on the premises is in good working order, operated in the prescribed manner, and any safety devices included thereon are utilised.  Highly Inflammable substances are not to be brought onto the premises, the use of portable Liquefied Propane Gas appliances, or any naked light, is prohibited.  When Kitchenuse is included in the Hiring Agreement the Hirer is to comply with all relevant Health and Hygiene regulations applicable to the preparation and serving of food.

4.    Licenses:  The Hirer is to take note of the Public Entertainment Licence displayed on the Hall notice board.  The Licence permits dancing, the playing of music, the screening of films and performance of plays between 2.30pm and 11.45pm (except Sundays), and the Hirer is to ensure that no such activities occur outside these times unless a special exemption has been granted.  The Main Hall is licensed to hold a maximum of 200 people, and the Small Hall a maximum of 50.  The Hall is licensed for the Consumption of Alcohol.  The Hirer is to ensure that only alcoholic drinks purchased at the bar are consumed on the premises.  No private or personal alcoholic drinks may be brought into the Hall.  The Hirer is to comply with the legal requirements restricting access to the Bar Area by minors.  The purchase of alcohol drinks by minors is strictly forbidden.  The Hall is not licensed under the Gaming,Betting and Lotteries Act.

5.    Minors:  The Hirer is to comply with the provision of The Children Act for the time being in force.  In particular, the Hirer is to provide adequate supervision for all activities involving minors, and ensure such supervision is provided by fit and proper persons aged 18 years or over.

6.    Accidents and Damages:  The Hirer is to report any accident involving injury to the person and any damage to the Hall fabric or is contents or to any equipment brought on to the premises.  Accidents are to be logged in the Accident Log Book in the First Aid Box located in the kitchen.  A verbal report on all accidents and damages is to be made to the Booking Secretary as soon as possible, followed by a written report within 48 hours of the occurrence.  The Hirer shall indemnify the Hall Committee for the costs arising out of any accident on, or damage to, the premises during the period of hire, and is responsible for insuring against any claims arising, including those from third parties.

7.    Tidiness and Cleanliness:  It is a strict condition of hire that, at the end of the period of hire, the Hirer shall leave the premises in a clean and tidy state.  All chairs and folding tables are to be wiped clean and dry and returned to their storage room.  Floors are to be dried and swept clean.  All items of equipment brought onto the premises, including stage props, are to be removed.  ALL FOOD WASTE AND LEFTOVER FOOD IS TO BE TAKEN AWAY AT THE END OF YOUR HIRE. The kitchen is to be left clean and tidy and crockery and utensils cleaned , dried and stored away.  Kitchen refuse is to be bagged and secured in the bin cage outside the kitchen (key available in the key box). 

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the Hirer’s Special Deposit being forfeited.

8.    Telephone: A mobile telephone is available in the kitchen.  Key to access the telephone is available to the Hirer against individual signature at the same time as obtaining the Hall keys.  The telephone is for EMERGENCY use only and abuse will be charged against the Hirer’s Special Deposit.  The Emergency Number to call the fire, police, and ambulance service is 999 or 112.

9.    Access and Egress:  The Booking Secretary will advise the Hirer on the collection of the Hall’s keys before the event and their return at the end of the period of hire.  Before securing the hall at the end of the period of hire, the Hirer is to ensure all exit doors(including emergency exits) are secured, all electrical appliances are turned off (in particular kitchen appliances) and all lights extinguished.

10.  Car Parking:  Cars are to be parked in the prescribed slots.  All parking is at the car owner’s risk.  The Hirer is to ensure that the entry and exit lanes to the car park are free at all times.  The Banwell Surgery and Pharmacy have parking rights and these are to be respected.

11.  Lost Property: The Hall Committee accepts no responsibility for any property lost on or stolen from the premises.  The Booking Secretary or Hall Caretaker may be contacted post hire to ascertain whether any lost property has been found.

12.  Consideration towards Others.  The Hall is situated in a populated area with private dwellings close by.  Excessive noise, arising from the event in the Hall, or from extraneous noise in the car park and surrounding area, cause adverse comment and bad relations with local residents.  The Hirer is to ensure such disturbances is minimised, particularly at the end of a late evening hiring period when participants disperse.

13.  Hiring Fees:  The Hirer is to pay in full all hiring fees due, including bar fee (if applicable) and the Special Deposit, no later than one calendar month prior to the commencement of the hiring period.

14.  Cancellation:  The Hirer may cancel the Hall booking up to one calendar month prior to the hire period set out in the Hiring Agreement without financial penalty.  After that date, the Hiring Fee (including bar fee) is non-refundable, but the Special Depositpaid shall be refunded.  The Hall Committee may cancel the hiring, without penalty or consequential liability, in the event of the Hall becoming unfit for use for any reason, or if it is required for use as a Polling Station for a Parliamentary or Local Government election or bye-election.  In such and event, any deposit, hiring fee, or special deposit paid by the Hirer shall be refunded.

15.  Hall Insurance: The Hall Committee is fully insured against third party claims for negligence arising from a Hiring Contract.

Access to the Hall

Access to the Hall is restricted to the times shown in the 'Hiring Agreement'.  You will be notified of the code for the key safe once full payment has been made and a week before your booking.